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Corps Of Drums: Welcome
Medina Marching Band 
Corps of Drums

"Strive for Perfection"

Life in the Corps of Drums

The Corps Of Drums pride themselves on working towards the highest standards of drill, bugling and drumming.


Their presence at the front of Medina Marching Band on the march gives the band visual impact due to their precision stick work and immaculate turnout.


The Corps of Drums are truly a sight to behold and over the years has grown a reputation as one of the most respected Corps of Drums in the UK. 


The Corps of Drums is heavily influenced by the famous buglers of H.M Royal Marines.

Over the years a good number of  members, from Medina Marching Band, have gone on to further their careers in the Armed Forces, some of which have been lucky enough to fulfil their dreams to become 'Buglers' in one of the five Royal Marine Bands across the UK.


The Corps Of Drums often perform on their own and are available for private displays or dinners.

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