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Updated: Jan 4, 2020

The one word that sums up Medina Marching Band - PASSION, we are all passionate about the young band members creating music and furthering their musical ability whilst passing their experience and knowledge to others in the band. Many have watched the band in awe on any number of occasions either in the practice rooms, on the parade ground or in competitions and admired the passion, ability, professionalism and discipline the whole band exudes.

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Get Involved in the Band!

Getting involved in Medina Marching Band could not be easier, either as a band member or a supporter to the band,  just make contact using the link below. We meet at Christ the King College, Wellingto


Medina Marching Band is very fortunate to have financial support from local companies and organisations. Further a-field we gain support from the arts, charities, and other government sectors. We are

Dedication and Discipline

The band by its nature requires a high level of discipline and dedication from its members whether in the classroom or on the parade ground as the band practices twice a week in preparation for events


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